Wreckfest in 4K

Because I have started to use Blender 3D, I felt it was time to swap over my 5 year old iMac for a much faster Windows PC. I think I bought my last Windows PC back in 2008 and switched to the Mac in 2011. I haven’t really kept up with the happenings in the PC world, so I just took the easy road, and bought a readymade PC that many others Blender users were also using. With a Ryzen 9 3900X CPU and a NVIDIA Geforce RTX 2080 TI as the graphics card, I apparently have a pretty high end machine.

Yes, it works great for Blender 3D, but then I installed Steam, you know, just to see how some of the games would perform. I have been playing Wreckfest on a bootcamp partition on my Mac, which ran okay’ish, but on this new PC it’s a whole different ballgame. It runs in 4K with all details on their max settings at an insane framerate. Also, the NVIDIA software allows you to capture your gameplay in the same resolution. So I’d like to show you some gameplay below in this 10 minute clip:


Apart from capturing the video, you can also livestream your gameplay to YouTube at a resolution of 1440p. Now I don’t have a webcam or microphone at present (the iMac had all that built in), which seam to be mandatory when you are a full-time YouTuber, but for testing purposes, I made the effort below. These are some online races, which are a lot more fun then playing against the AI.


To conclude, I’m quite happy with my new hardware. Windows 10 is no MacOS, but it isn’t half bad compared to the previous versions of Windows I had the misfortune of using. So if you catch me online playing games, please tell me to get back to work in Blender.


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