Browserwars: Google Chrome vs Microsoft Edge

At the company I work for, we use both the Google Chrome browser and the Microsoft Edge browser. Since the Edge browser is built Chromium, just like Google Chrome, we want our users to switch over to Edge. That way we can get rid of Chrome and the burden of having to facilitate multiple (security) updates a week.

So how would we convince users to make them switch, without causing a fuss?

Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome are both web browsers that allow you to browse the Internet and access websites. However, there are some differences between the two that may influence a user’s decision to switch from one to the other.

Here are some differences between Edge and Chrome:

  1. Performance: Edge is built on the Chromium platform, which provides improved performance compared to earlier versions of the Microsoft browser. Edge also uses less memory and is more energy-efficient than Chrome.
  2. Privacy: Edge has several privacy features that are designed to protect your data and privacy. For example, it includes a tracking prevention feature that blocks third-party tracking cookies, and it also includes an option to block pop-ups and unwanted ads.
  3. Integration with Windows 11: Edge is integrated with Windows 11, which means it integrates seamlessly with other Microsoft products and services, such as Microsoft Office and OneDrive. This can be convenient for users who rely on these products.
  4. Extensions: Edge supports extensions, which are small programs that add additional functionality to the browser. While both Edge and Chrome support extensions, the selection of available extensions for Edge may be more limited than for Chrome.

To convince a user to switch from Chrome to Edge, you can emphasize the improved performance and privacy features, as well as the integration with Windows 11 and other Microsoft products and services. Additionally, you can show the user how easy it is to switch, and that their bookmarks, history, and saved passwords can be easily imported into Edge.


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