Chucky is back!

Your friend to the end from the movie Child’s Play is back, with his own TV Series. Starting this coming Halloween, the series Chucky will air on USA and SYFY. This new trailer shows that everyone’s favorite ginger doll will pick up, pretty much where it left off, killing pretty much everyone with all sorts of sharp things.

The original Child’s Play movie from 1988 features a scary living and talking doll, that is carrying the soul of a serial killer and consequently has some serious anger management issues. It more or less murders anyone that’s not being friendly to it’s owner. The movie was popular enough to get three sequels and a couple of spin off movies and shorts in the following decades. Apparently, the franchise is still too popular to kill off (heh), so now we get this new series. From the looks of the trailer, it has a pretty good budget. The first season is getting 7 episodes.


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