Valve introduces it’s Steam Deck handheld console

Steaming hot news from Valve, with the introduction of the Steam Deck handheld console. Not to be confused with the Elgato Stream Deck. The idea is that you just log into your Steam account and you can instantly play all the games in your Steam library. Well, that’s the promise anyway. The device pretty much looks like a very wide Game Gear and features a 7 inch touchscreen with a resolution of 1280 by 800 pixels with a 60Hz refresh rate. Not the highest resolution, but you can also connect it to an external screen or television set. This is all powered an AMD APU with 16 GB of RAM.

You get about all the controls you can think of, with analog sticks, A B C D buttons, a couple of triggers and bumpers and even two trackpads. If that isn’t enough, you can just hook up your own keyboard, mouse or external controllers. The battery will last up to 8 hours and everything is run by SteamOS 3.0.

On paper it looks all pretty good, but unlike a real PC, you can’t do any hardware upgrades. That means it probably won’t last longer than two years. The Steam Deck comes in three different storage variants, with the lowest offering being 64GB. Try running Microsoft Flight Simulator on that. you can actually expand the storage with SD cards, but it’s nice to have it right out of the box. The Steam Deck will be available in December, right on time for the Holidays and you can reserve yours this Friday the 16th of July.

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