Sony ZV-E10 Vlog Camera Announced

I’m a writer, which makes me a blogger, but if you’re a more talkative then I am and you like you record yourself on video and publish that on any video platform, then you would be called a vlogger. To record your video’s you can pretty much use any videocamera, but some are more tailored to vlogging then others.
The people at Sony figured this out as well and have announced their ZV-E10 Vlog Camera today. The main focus point for the camera is the fact that it has interchangeable lenses, which means you can fit any of the circa 60 available E-mount lenses you can currently buy right now.

The camera itself is based on Sony’s A6100 Alpha-series camera, which means it has an APS-C sensor, which means it has 25 megapixels available, should you want to shoot still pictures with it. As a vlogger you would be more interested in it’s video capabilities of 4K/30p or 1080/120p. The battery does 125 minutes of video, but you can also power it with a USB-cable.
The ZV-E10 also features and instant background defocus button, which give you instant bokeh. It comes with several creative effects, which can be applied in real-time. Sony really want you to be able to get creative by using the in-camera features, without having to transfer the video to a computer first. The S&Q button is also evidence of this, which you can use to apply slow or quick motion to your video.

The ZV-E10 will be available around the end of August and will cost you $700,- USD or $800,- USD if you want the kit with the 3.5-5.6 16-50 mm zoomlens.


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