New Music: NRV – Blue Roofs

New music coming soon from the Japanese NRV, which is the ambient / drone alter-ego for antennasia‘s Nerve. For this release he has teamed up with Spanish label See Blue Audio. Titled ‘Blue Roofs’, the album will feature two tracks and has a release date of October 14. Below is an excerpt from the accompanying press release:

“Time can move in strange and mysterious ways, and this is reflected in the musical path of ‘Blue Roofs’. The 20-minute title track is sublimely graceful, a slow-moving beatless river punctuated by fragments of field recordings and microscopic glitches. Changes in the course of this river seem almost imperceptible, and yet we land in a different place, swept along by the ebb and flow of musical currents suffused with a deep emotional energy and tinged with sweet melancholy.”

“The accompanying track, ‘Sombra’, is a little shorter in length, and complements and contrasts its partner with a more pastoral, optimistic feel. Based on field recordings made on the tree-lined Jozenji-dori Avenue, one of the most iconic places in Sendai, time is replaced by light on this track. On the day when these recordings were made, the contrast between the shadows of the trees and the blue sky above was a thing of rare beauty, a familiar scene but also fleeting.”

NRV – Blue Roofs


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