New album for antennasia

This year marks the 20th anniversary for the Japanese producer / vocalist duo antennasia. They celebrate in style with a new album, which will be released on December 12th, 2019. Error Code: SFRN consists of nine new tracks, consisting of the finest electro, dub and synth-pop. Below is a preview of the full album and two of the full tracks, which are already available on YouTube.

antennasia – Error Code : SFRN (DLCA-007)

01. Sounds like Sunshine (06:08)
02. Tapping on My Skin (04:15)
03. Beyond the Dust (05:32)
04. Dedicated to Saffron (04:11)
05. Hate or Love (04:15)
06. Dirt In Blue (03:26)
07. Kaleidoscope in the Dark (06:02)
08. Because It’s Invisible (05:02)
09. Carried Away By The Noise (08:21)

all songs written by san & nerve
produced by antennasia

(c) 2019 antennasia / Double Life Records


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