Toyota Copen GR Sport

Toyota have revealed their own version of the Daihatsu Copen, which is named the Toyota Copen GR Sport. The GR in the name stands for Gazoo Racing, which suggests a certain amount of sportiness. Well, it mostly means you’re getting the Gazoo Racing badge all over the bodywork and interior. The engine isn’t actually tuned up, compared to its Daihatsu counterpart. It does look a bit more aggressive, with its Volkswagen’esque nose, but they’ve also made some updates to the suspension, which should make it feel faster than it actually is.

I’ve driven the original Copen, when the Daihatsu brand was still being sold in Europe and while it feels cramped, the car is actually a lot of fun to drive. The new Copen GR Sport will cost about $22.000 USD, but Toyota don’t have any plans to sell it outside of its domestic Japanese market.


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