PlayStation 5 set for Holiday 2020 release

Since the new PlayStation console was announced by Sony last April, they have been rather quiet on any further news. Now Sony have announced that the official name for the console will simply be ‘PlayStation 5’. Not much of a surprise there, but they have now also announced that it wil get a release around the 2020 Holiday season.

While this was the main news, Sony have also shed some light on the new DualShock controllers, which will feature haptic feedback and come with adaptive triggers. This will apparently give developers the means to equip the triggers with variable (and non-linear) force feedback, depending on the situation in a given game. It will be interesting to see how that will work out.

Apparently Sony had already demonstrated a version of Gran Turismo Sport, running on a PS5 Devkit, which featured haptic feedback where one could tell the difference between driving on tarmac or off-road gravel.


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