Five Ways to Make Money from Home – July 2021

Working from home has become the standard for many office workers, but why should you work for a boss, if you can also spend those hours on your own business? While you may not be able to quit your day job right away, you can make a nice little extra money on the side. And who knows what this will grow into? It could become your fulltime job or, if you play it right, even a way to stop working altogether. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First you should decide what you could possibly do to make this happen. It must be something that interests you, because that makes it easier to stay motivated. And you must also realize this isn’t going to be an overnight success. While some of these methods will make you money right away, others need to be build from the ground up and require patience before you will see any returns. The options here are pretty low entry ones and only limited by your own discipline and creativity.
So with that in mind, let’s dive into the possibilities that will change your life.

Start a blog
Starting a blog is is a good way to make money online. You can write about whatever you like and place some advertising, like Google Adsense, on your pages. When people click on the advertising, you make money. It’s that simple. It’s best to write about something original, because that will get you more visitors. Copying or rewriting existing content won’t generate much readers, because you are likely to compete with your own sources. On the other hand, a too obscure subject might not bring much visitors to your site either. So find something that will appeal to a broad audience and make sure your content is original. That’s the best way to build up a growing audience. Also make sure you enjoy writing about this subject, as it will keep you motivated, even when your income from advertising is still low.

Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing involves convincing people to buy stuff online, by using one of your links. If someone buys something through your links, you get a small percentage of the money they spend. You usually get around 4% of the price of the item they buy. That might not sound like much, but imagine someone buying a television set online. That’s when it gets interesting. Big purchases mean big money. So what are those links I am talking about? Well, for instance, you can become an Amazon affiliate. If you sign up, you can generate links for every product they offer. You can place those links in your blog articles, post them on Twitter or in the descriptions of your own YouTube video’s. Your success depends mostly on your own creativity. And the more you sell, the higher the payout percentage becomes. Aside from Amazon, there are lots of other websites offering affiliate marketing. It might take you some time to figure out what works and what doesn’t, but once you receive your first payment, it becomes very addictive.

Create your own YouTube channel
This one has to fit your character, as not everyone is comfortable on camera and this also requires a long breath. It might take some time before your YouTube channel takes off and starts generating income. Now, before YouTube allows you to make money with your channel, you need at least 1000 subscribers and a total of 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months. Don’t be put off by these numbers though, because you can also add the above mentioned affiliate links to your video’s descriptions and nobody is stopping you from making your own advertising deals for your video’s. If you play your cards right and your channel starts gaining traction, money can come rolling in at quite a high rate. I’ve seen YouTubers gain riches in just a few years. When you see them buying expensive cars and houses, you know they are on to something.

Stock photography
When websites, newspapers or magazines need generic images for their content, they usually turn to one of the many stockphoto websites. They essentially buy a license to use photographs and the original photographer will receive money, any time a license for one of their photographs is purchased. Anyone with basic photography skills can sign up to a stockphoto website and submit their images. Images are accepted based on their quality, so it’s best to have some good photography equipment, but often photographs made with a smartphone are also accepted. Apart from photography, many stockphoto websites also accept illustrations or 3D models. It’s also good practice to pay attention to trends and upcoming events, like specific holidays, and steer your creations towards those. There is a lot of competition, so it’s up to your creativity to stand out from the crowd and bring in the most revenue.

Produce music
While performing music on stage may not be your thing, that doesn’t mean you can’t make music. Software to record or produce music doesn’t have to be a huge investment and sometimes even comes free with your computer, like Apple’s Garageband. Many software comes with built in instruments, like synthesizers, drum computers and samplers. The sequencers allow you to point and click to lay down beats and melodies, so as long as you have a good ear, you really don’t need any additional skills.
Distribution of music to all the big streaming services, like Spotify, Apple Music or Tidal is also easy these days. It doesn’t require a contract with a big time record label. There are services where you can pay per upload or have unlimited uploads through a subscription service like Distrokid. These services distribute your music to all of the most popular streaming services, which gives you a global audience in an instant.
So this does require a little more investing upfront, but again, your creativity can take you very far and if you brush up your marketing skills, you can create a constant flow of income from just a few popular tracks.

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