James May’s New Toyota Mirai

James May, the former Top Gear presenter and current presenter of Amazon’s The Grand Tour received his new car this week. Three month ago he said goodbye to his hydrogen powered Toyota Mirai, claiming he would trade it in for something more exciting. He has now revealed that this replacement is in fact the new 2021 Toyota Mirai.

In the Drivetribe video’s below he does a very slow reveal of the car and then more or less fails to take it for a drive. In the second video he actually manages to find some stretch of road, without the London congestion and he gives us his honest opinion on the new Toyota Mirai.

James truthfully points out that the British government is slacking, when it comes to building a proper infrastructure for hydrogen cars. That’s actually true for all of Europe, as governments seem to have committed to plug-in electric cars and simply don’t want to invest in new technology this quickly already. Of course, the production of Hydrogen isn’t financially viable at the moment, but that seems to be a chicken or egg discussion. Mass production will make it cheaper and economically more interesting. Then again, how will they tax a car, which actually cleans the air? So it might just be a conspiracy after all. Well, I wouldn’t go that far, but we all know governments are more interested in receiving tax money than caring for the environment.

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